Holiday Time!

Wow, the holiday season is going at an accelerated pace this year since Thanksgiving fell late this past November. There seems to be one or two parties to attend every week and the thought of saying “No” to your cherished friends seems to be off the table. There are presents to buy, shopping to be done, menus to arrange and lots of cooking and cleaning to do. So what do we do with our Nick? What do you do with your Scot? Our’s is a laid back guy for a Scot but I could see our Watson dismantling the house in the years gone by. I still have the windowsills to prove it! Has this happened to you? 

All our Scots are asking for is our presence, companionship and love. Giving extra treats and a quick pat on the head just doesn’t do it. I’m sure Nick is thinking, “where are they going now, they just got home!”. I sat and thought about this and came to the conclusion that Nick was right, that I would limit the constraints that the holidays put upon me and spend more time with him. What better gift could I possibly give him than a walk around the building, sitting in the grass with him while the wind blows, or just even taking a quick nap together in bed? Throwing ball in the yard? Even sitting on the couch with him right beside me seems a blessing. Unconditional love is such a wonderful thing to have and as an owner of a Scottie I cannot think of anyone I’d rather be with besides my Scottie except my husband. Well maybe not! Oh who am I kidding, we all need to be together!

My point is that we all need to make good use of our time. Go out to that party just don’t spend the whole night there and get home at 2am. Leave at a good time and spend some time with your Scot as it will end up making both of you happy, and perhaps keep the house in one piece! Be sure and make time for your four legged child, for that is the greatest gift that you can possibly give them this holiday season and throughout the year. The best part too is that you might actually feel better!

Pat and Nick


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