Holiday Greetings and Warnings! What says Holiday more than a Scottie?  Certainly our diehard buddies are the epitome of the Holiday Season!  They look fabulous in red; most already come with beards; and who wouldn't want one in their stocking? However, due to their clever and mischievous minds, certain precautions are a must.  First of all, consider the holiday plants we all cherish.  Many of them can make our Scotties ill, ranging from mild discomfort or intestinal distress to even fatalities.  We also often forget that many of these plants have been treated with pesticides which can also cause health problems. Two of the most toxic plants are holly and mistletoe; especially the berries of each of these.  Even when these berries are dried, they contain toxic substances which are extremely harmful.  In large amounts, they can cause symptoms ranging from a sudden and severe drops in blood pressure, hallucinations, seizures and death. One plant which most of us worry over
Holiday Time! Wow, the holiday season is going at an accelerated pace this year since Thanksgiving fell late this past November. There seems to be one or two parties to attend every week and the thought of saying “No” to your cherished friends seems to be off the table. There are presents to buy, shopping to be done, menus to arrange and lots of cooking and cleaning to do. So what do we do with our Nick? What do you do with your Scot? Our’s is a laid back guy for a Scot but I could see our Watson dismantling the house in the years gone by. I still have the windowsills to prove it! Has this happened to you?  All our Scots are asking for is our presence, companionship and love. Giving extra treats and a quick pat on the head just doesn’t do it. I’m sure Nick is thinking, “where are they going now, they just got home!”. I sat and thought about this and came to the conclusion that Nick was right, that I would limit the constraints that the holidays put upon me and spend more

Turkey Day!

I iz sooooo excited.  Mum tole me tomorrow wuz TUKEY DAY!  And I saws her put a BIG one in da frigerator. Also, she putz a hole lotta other gud stuff in dere.  Like SWETE POTATO!  And CARRETS!  I iz thinking me and dat sister of mine gonna eat GUD tomorrows!  Imma lay in da kitchen in case she dropz anyting.  And she will, cuz she iz messy!  I is VEWY grateful for dat! In da meantime, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! Frap on! Winston (Dis'll be me all day tomorrow!) PS Mum here to remind everyone: 1.  Too much turkey skin is bad for our pups.  The fat in it can cause pancreatitis.  And NEVER give your babies turkey bones! 2.  Onions, raisins, grapes, and other foods can cause intestinal upsets.  Check out this excellent article on the AKC website: 3.   Watch that your baby doesn't find an escape route!  And think about travel concerns.  Another excellent art

Hey y’all!

Hello all! Welcome to the. Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta’s new blog! We hope to share lots of information about our beloved breed as well as include important information you may want to know about the health, care, grooming and training of our babies! In addition, we’ll be profiling our dogs and members, including some interesting (and hopefully humorous!) stories, and sharing our adventures. In the meantime, you can also find us on Facebook (STC of Greater Atlanta) and on the web at Frap on! Winston